My silent voice
  • I love school

    13th Feb 2022 by

    A fun day for me, is a day filled with learning new things. When my brain is occupied, my body is much calmer than when I am bored. To have a calm body is absolute bliss.

  • My wishes for 2023

    11th Jan 2023 by

    We are much smarter now than we were at the beginning of 2022. We can now use the knowledge we have gained to help others, but also to plan my future. Time is really an issue. I therefore  plan to take it a little slower with my schoolwork this year so we can find time to get to things other than schoolwork as well.
    For 2023, it is my wish that my sister will realize how much we love her so that, wherever she goes, our love for her will make her strong.

  • My thoughts on 2022. Part 2

    8th Jan 2023 by

    My victory with Elizabeth Vosseller (“EV”) at my old school. I am infinitely grateful to EV for coming to Worcester. I hope that her love for us non-speakers, will reach our friends who have not yet received their voices. She is a woman who really puts her heart into her work but uses her head to make plans to help us. She is humble about herself, but her work really changes lives. If I had a say in it, she would have already been rewarded a Nobel Prize a long time ago. II hope that her effort in coming to Worcester pays off so that we can give other non-speakers hope as well.

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