My silent voice
  • I love school

    13th Feb 2022 by

    A fun day for me, is a day filled with learning new things. When my brain is occupied, my body is much calmer than when I am bored. To have a calm body is absolute bliss.

  • I am free (4)

    29th Jun 2022 by

    We need it so much to not feel rejected while we are struggling with our difficult bodies. It’s not necessary for everyone to love me. The very fact that I can show the world who I am, with my words, is enough for me.. Getting to where I am now is a process. Time has been merciful to us. We can now look back and say that we took the time we got and healed.

  • Ek is vry (4)

    29th Jun 2022 by

    Ons het dit so nodig om nie verwerp te voel terwyl ons so sukkel met ons moeilike lywe nie .Dit is nie nodig dat almal van my hou nie. Die blote feit dat ek vir die wereld kan wys wie ek is, met my woorde, is vir my genoeg. Om te kom tot waar ek nou is, is ‘n proses. Tyd was ons genadig, want ons kan nou terugkyk en sê dat ons die tyd gevat het wat ons gekry het en gesond geraak het.

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