I love school

A fun day for me, is a day filled with learning new things.

When my brain is occupied, my body is much calmer than when I am bored.

To have a calm body is absolute bliss.

I am astonished to see how my body is acting since I am attending UCT OHS (University of Cape Town Online High School) . I have never been this happy before. I can see that my body looks almost normal when I am busy with my schoolwork. I have never before had so much control over my stupid body as I have when I study intricate work. I have to work very hard to keep up with the schedule I have to stick to. I struggle to keep up, but so does the other kids. I am so proud of my Science marks. I got 49/50 which is the best thing since I was most scared of failing this subject. I am very concerned that I still have to get permission from SACAI.  

I have to add that I am very grateful for the support we get from the UCT OHS-team. I have given my Support Coach and Wellbeing Team member extra work because of my disabilities, but they are great in supporting me.

I have met my Afrikaans teacher . She is also very friendly and tried to help me with the questions I had.

I have to be optimistic, or I’ll get depressed. Being optimistic is easy now that I am doing work that is difficult enough that I understand why revision is necessary. Before I started Grade 10, I was extremely bored with my schoolwork. Now I have to apply my mind and I love every minute of it. I have to say, I am now not going to get such good marks any more, but that is okay. I have proofed that I am clever. So, now I can just enjoy the learning process and that is great to say.

I am so happy to be in a school, but I know I’ll have to proof to my teachers that I deserve to be there. This is something normal children do not have to do. They are considered good enough to attend school until they proof otherwise. For people like me, that is not the case. I hope I have what it takes to make it to the end of matric. No matter what happens, I have proven myself to me and no one will be able to rob me of that experience and for that I shall be for ever grateful.

4 thoughts on “I love school

  1. Sjoe, I love reading this. So, you are in grade 10. If you have Geography as subject, you are most welcome to ask me for assistance. I am also an afrikaans teacher, and will also answer any questions you have. Keep us up to date.

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  2. Dankie, Nicolaas & Corlia,

    Lekker gelees aan: “I love school”.

    Ek is diep dankbaar dat jy die UCT-skool uitdaging geniet.

    Liefde groete

    Oom Thinus



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