My ideas are also important

Thinking about stuff is my hobby because it helps me relax. To be able to share my thoughts is a big thing. Being able to share your thoughts is your chance to test your thoughts . Because  you can test it, you can think out even better stuff. Your thoughts count too, don’t be afraid to express it.

My thoughts on 2022. Part 2

My victory with Elizabeth Vosseller (“EV”) at my old school. I am infinitely grateful to EV for coming to Worcester. I hope that her love for us non-speakers, will reach our friends who have not yet received their voices. She is a woman who really puts her heart into her work but uses her head to make plans to help us. She is humble about herself, but her work really changes lives. If I had a say in it, she would have already been rewarded a Nobel Prize a long time ago. II hope that her effort in coming to Worcester pays off so that we can give other non-speakers hope as well.

My thoughts on 2022. Part 1

I made it in a regular school. I can’t describe to anyone how big it is for me to be able to say that. EVERYTHING I HANDED IN, WAS MY OWN WORK. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of. Our breakthrough at the exam board: I am very happy that the exam board will give us a chance to be able to have all the help I need in the exams,

I am free (4)

We need it so much to not feel rejected while we are struggling with our difficult bodies. It’s not necessary for everyone to love me. The very fact that I can show the world who I am, with my words, is enough for me.. Getting to where I am now is a process. Time has been merciful to us. We can now look back and say that we took the time we got and healed.

Ek is vry (3)

Kennis van al die goed wat my lyf beïnvloed, is my beste manier om meer beheer oor my lyf te kry. En meer beheer oor my lyf beteken ‘n beter lewe vir my. Om my eie besluite te kan neem, en my toe te laat om my eie sê te sê, is die grootste vorm van eer en respek wat ek nog ooit ontvang het in my lewe.

I am free (2)

My acceptance of myself was an important step on my path to Freedom from my prison of anxiety and fear. My acceptance of myself would not have been possible without: faith, communication, knowledge about why my body works the way it works. Before I knew why my body is so difficult to control, it made me very depressed and anxious. Now that I understand why my body doesn’t work like other people’s, I’m much calmer about it and when I’m calm, I can actually get more done with my body.

I am free (1)

Acceptance, the key out of my prison. PART 1 (OF 4) This is a translation of the original blog written in Afrikaans. Anxiety is no longer my prison. Anxiety has always been my biggest enemy. He is no more. My anxiety about my inability to show that I am a human being, with a brainContinue reading “I am free (1)”


Angs is nie meer my tronk nie. Ek was ‘n slaaf van vrees. My aanvaarding van myself was ‘n belangrike stap op hierdie pad na Vryheid. My hart is rustig oor my verlede en my pad vorentoe.


My words have always been in my head, but it was only after starting to use S2C, that everyone now knows of my words that can not get out of my mouth. My words have always been in my head, but it was only after starting to use S2C, that everyone now knows of my words that can not get out of my moutTo say that my life has gotten better since I can communicate is not right. I only live since I can communicate.h.